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  • Islands GoTürkiye

    Let’s Go Visit the Islands of Türkiye

    Türkiye is surrounded by sea on three sides, by the Black Sea in the north, the Mediterranean in the south and the Aegean Sea in the west. In the northwest, there is also an important internal sea, the Sea of Marmara between the straits of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus, both strategically important waterways that connect the Black Sea with the rest of the world.

    Lots of Sea means Lots of Islands!

    Here we are going to explore some on the many islands that are to be found off the Turkish Coast. We shall go region-by-region starting in the north near İstanbul The Marmara Region) then travel north to south down the Aegean Coast then west to east along the Mediterranean Coast.

    Of course, these three regions boast the majority of Türkiye’s Islands and sometimes Turkish Islands are very close to their Greek cousins.

    Then we shall look at some of the islands of the Black Sea and look at the few islands found inland located on lakes in Central and Eastern Türkiye.

    Top Picks! 5 of the Best Islands in Türkiye

    • Gökçeada: Largest of the Turkish Islands
      Gökçeada (Gökçe Island): was formerly Greek and is relatively unspoilt. It is near Çanakkale at the mouth of the Dardanelles (Gallipoli) Straits and is remarkable for its untouched coves and breath-taking views. Do not leave Gökçeada without seeing the Salt Lake, Cheese Rocks and Rock Tombs!

    • Büyükada: A Peaceful Getaway Close to İstanbul
      Büyükada (lit: Big Island) is the largest of the Princes Islands located close to the City Centre in the heart of İstanbul. The island welcomes thousands of guests every year thanks to its tranquillity, natural beauty, old houses, and much more. In order to leave the noise and chaos behind and have a memorable summer holiday you should visit Büyükada.
    • Cunda Island: A Great Spot on the Aegean Coast
      Cunda Island, (Cunda adası) also known as Alibey Island, is situated just off the coast near Ayvalık between Çanakkale and İzmir on the north Aegean Coast. There is a road bridge that connects the Island to the mainland. The Island offers an utterly different beauty in each season and offers its visitors a colourful and memorable holiday experience.

    • Akdamar Island on Lake Van in the East
      Akdamar, the largest island on Lake Van, by far Türkiye’s biggest lake, hosts one of the most stunning views of Van. There is also the Surp Cross Church, which is also known as the Akdamar Church, a must-see place during a visit to the Lake Van area.
    • Kekova Island: Home of the Sunken City in the Mediterranean
      The Island of Kekova, close to the pleasant resort of Kaş, gives its name to a whole group of picturesque islands, numerous bays and ancient cities. The island of Kekova is home to a famous underwater city in a lagoon-like setting. One of the best ways to explore the region is by sea-kayak.